Wesleyan College announces the Annual Senior Art Exhibition April 9-May 1, 2019

The Wesleyan College Art Department is pleased to announce the opening of our Annual Senior Art Exhibition on April 9th, 2019. Wesleyan’s senior art majors will exhibit their thesis art portfolios made during the last semester of their undergraduate careers. Sherry Huang, Anysia Jackson, and Sofia Ramirez have worked tirelessly for this defining moment as they graduate Wesleyan College. The show’s opening recital will be held in the East Gallery of Porter Auditorium from 6-7pm on April 9th and will conclude on May 1st.

Sherry Huang is a sculptor who views the world through dolls. In this series, she has depicted different phobias that afflict women who have been abused, citing instances that have happened in her home country of China. Although societies are growing rapidly, there are still many cultures which follow traditional moral standards which can leave some people in the shadows of society. Sherry hopes her dolls will help give voice and attention to these victims.

Anysia Jackson is a passionate painter who lives in Macon, Georgia. Her exhibition explores the human figure in relation to themes of fantasy and nature. Her main influences come from Alphonse Mucha, Geneva 'GDBEE' Burton, Thanh Nhàn, and cultural experiences. Her tantalizing artworks use traditional media such as gouache and watercolor, as well as digital media. Her main goal is to examine the beauty of humanity while also garnering respect for nature and treasuring the relationship between humans and their environment.

Sofia Ramirez uses figurative ink drawing and gouache painting to explore her loved ones’ attachment to technology which can distance them from the physical world. Although these are personal recounts, she hopes others can place themselves in her scenes. Her works on paper are collaged and arranged to allow for the viewer to explore her modern look at technology’s effect on one’s connection to their surroundings. Although Sofia acknowledges this topic as a first-world problem, she hopes to connect the distance one puts between their immediate physical space to the distance one puts towards others parts of the world.

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