James Magazine Ranks Wesleyan College in Two Top 10 Lists

TOP COLLEGES - #5 Wesleyan College Rankings are based on undergraduate institutions that offer limited, if any, graduate programs. James’ rankings are based on criteria that include admissions standards such as standardized test scores, career placement after graduation, and more.

TOP SUCCESS RATE - #9 Wesleyan College According to James, raising graduation rates is one of the biggest priorities for Georgia schools. This set of rankings list the colleges and universities that are tops for making sure their students have the tools to graduate and succeed.

Through a four-year From Here to Career program, Wesleyan College guarantees superior career preparation and professional development for all students to gain knowledge and skills that will transfer to the workplace. Wesleyan’s Center for Career Development teaches students to understand how to navigate their own career development journeys. These building blocks will be valuable for the rest of their lives. This comprehensive program is designed to support a student from the day she arrives for orientation to the day she turns her tassel at graduation. Comprised of only a few core components, From Here to Career can be tailored to the individual needs and goals of each Wesleyan student to ensure maximum impact and success.

An important component of a Wesleyan education is real world experience. Our students complete a required credit-bearing professional development experience before graduation. The Center for Career Development and faculty work with the student to determine the best experience for her needs, whether that is an internship, fine arts performance or exhibit, student research, or community service.

According to Phil Kent, CEO and publisher of James, the magazine’s July/August 2018 education issue researched more criteria in compiling their school rankings system than ever before. As in the past, the staff analyzed U.S. News & World Report among other national and regional ratings, but also looked at other less-discussed metrics including completion rate and freshman retention rate. James believes those categories offer a better guide to Georgia’s students and parents as they look to decide what schools are the best fits for them.

Kent claims that by looking at data provided by initiatives such as Complete College Georgia, James can more accurately rate the state’s institutions of higher learning - whether those be universities, liberal arts colleges, or technical colleges. Emphasis was put on data collection that identifies strengths as well as areas for improvement for the needs of regions and populations served by Georgia’s colleges and universities. The rankings, he said, are also based on consultations with prominent education and business leaders around the state.

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Wesleyan draws a wonderfully eclectic mix of women – about 700 in all – from across the United States and more than twenty countries, bringing to campus a multitude of backgrounds and ethnicities. Wesleyan students choose to study here because they want to test their limits. The bar is set high because our students demand it. First for Women isn’t just a claim to fame - it’s a philosophy that explains why Wesleyan women continue to make history today.


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