Wesleyan's Kids College is One of Only Nine Google Maker Spaces in the State of Georgia

Kids College is a seven-week long summer camp that serves children ages six through twelve on Wesleyan's campus. The camp wrapped up this week, with a summer filled of tinkering and playing within various themes. The inclusion of interactive tablets and app-based technology on a weekly basis allowed campers to apply newly learned skills in fun and innovative ways.

The camp operates on a positive house-based model where each participant becomes part of a caring and supportive group of peers all driven to achieve positive goals and bond under a common theme. Weekly team building experiences create powerful connections to help promote positive self-esteem and participation. Daily classes in physical education, technology, art, and theatre develop gross and fine motor skills in conjunction with the weekly academic themes and lessons.

The whole summer had a weekly theme focused on a classic board game connected to a Google Maker Space design challenge.

  • Week one was focused on Battleship and buoyancy principles. Campers were tasked with designing a boat that could float.

  • Week two was centered on the game Operation and human anatomy. The STEM/STEAM/Maker challenge was to design circuits using the Makey Makey circuit boards.

  • To learn about physical and chemical changes, campers made sweet treats like caramels, rock candy, and ice cream during a Candyland themed third week.

  • Week four was all about Jenga, architecture and balance. The STEM/STEAM/Maker challenge was to build a bridge that could support the most weight.

  • Week five was Chutes and Ladders week. Campers were focused on aerodynamics. They were tasked with designing paper airplanes, parachutes, and kites.

  • Week six was all about Chess and Checkers and on learning the strategies behind these games.

  • The camp's final week was all about the game Clue. A mock crime scene was set up for the week to teach the process of solving a mystery and forensic investigations.

Throughout the summer campers also enjoyed playing a variety of sports, such as golf and soccer, learning an assortment of dances from jazz to tap, and even learned several drum cadences. Four Wesleyan alums and four current Wesleyan students served as instructors and counselors.

Wesleyan's Kids College is fast becoming Macon's premier academic summer camp!

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